The Osterzgebirge is a natural and cultural landscape without any comparison. Sights and adventure tours, in the big cities as in the region, are lined up like a string of pearls, close together. Whether “Elbflorenz” or Meissen Porcelain, Dam Klingenberg or a mine visit, Clock Museum or Seiffener art, Geopark or a steam locomotive ride – the variety could hardly be bigger.

Take the opportunity and discover these pearls during a stay at the NEW HEIGHT. We arrange your personal discovery tour.

In addition, we are happy to advise you on all sports activities. From the NEW HEIGHT you can start cycling, hiking, horseback riding, climbing, swimming and even skiing. Here we go!


City of Dresden
The capital of saxony is internationally known for its historic old town, which is characterized by different architectural epochs, including the “Frauenkirche”, the “Semperoper” and the “Hofkirche”, as well as the “Residenzschloss” and the “Zwinger”. Dresden is sometimes called “Elbflorenz”, originally because of its art collections; its Baroque and Mediterranean architecture as well as its location in the Elbe Valley contribute significantly to this.


The terra mineralia in Freiberg
Experience with more than 5000 minerals, gems and meteorites one of the most important and valuable private mineral collections in the world in the reconstructed castle Freudenstein in the old town of Freiberg.


Freiberger Cathedral and Silbermann organ
During a visit to the mountain town of Freiberg, one of the most beautiful points on the list is the Silbermann organ in the cathedral on the Untermarkt, which you can hear at an evening concert or at a mass.


A ride on the Weisseritztalbahn
Enjoy a wonderful ride on Germany’s oldest scheduled narrow-gauge railway with the steam locomotive from Freital-Hainsberg to the spa town of Kipsdorf near Dippoldiswalde. The 750 mm wide narrow-gauge railway crosses the wildly romantic Rabenauer Grund with the river Rote Weißeritz on 26 km the area of ​​the dam Malter and the low mountain landscape of the Eastern Ore Mountains.


Porcelain and Wine Town Meissen
The picturesque town on the Elbe is characterized by a historic cityscape and the wine landscape of the Elbe Valley. Once upon a time, the Wettin princes were entrusted with the Mark Meissen – this was the beginning of Saxony’s history. Therefore, Meissen is rightly called the “cradle of Saxony”. The city of Meissen is internationally renowned for the production of Meissen porcelain, which is the first European porcelain to be produced since 1708.



The gentle hilly landscape in the former Freital district on the southern edge of the Tharandter forest has its highest point in Neuklingenberg, the location of our nature and business hotel NEUE HÖHE.

From there, at approximately the same altitude, a beautiful hiking trail leads to the Klingenberg dam, the watershed between the Wilder Weißeritz and the Freiberger Mulde.

The imposing, listed building was built in the years 1908 to 1914 with a curved gravity dam made of rubble. At this time, the plant still bore the name of the last Saxon King and was called Friedrich August Dam.

The Dam which recently got costly reconstructed serves as drinking water supply for Dresden and parts of the Weißeritzkreis, the protection of flood and even for energy production.

Architecturally interesting is the remarkable crown in the middle of the dam, over which a public path leads. The building has a height of 40 meters with a crown width of over six meters. The total volume is 118,000 cubic meters, the total storage space is 17.5 million cubic meters.

The basin of the reservoir with a water surface of 116 hectares is approximately 90 square kilometers.

Only travel is life, the reverse is life travel.

Jean Paul


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